Customer Contact Awards 2019


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1. Choose your category.


 Do you give your employees the power for a great customer experience? Do your employees benefit from your solutions? Does your case help to increase employee satisfaction?

Power to the people!


 Do you make your customers happy?  Is your organisation customer driven? Is loyalty and retention increasing thanks to your customer contact? Do your customers rate you with a high Net Promotor Score?

The power of Customer Contact!


Does your technology solution empower customers and/or employees? Is your customer contact ready for the digital age? Is your customer contact multi-/omni-channel?   

All systems powered up!

2. Download the Application form and send it back before 30/09/2019.

3. Next Steps.


The jury announces the nominees for each category. 

Jury Day

Explain your case and answer some questions in a 15-minute jury call.

Awards ceremony

Find out who won the Customer Contact Awards 2019 and take your award home!

Presentation of the winning cases

The winning cases of the Customer Contact Awards get their own seminar to explain their case in detail.

Make sure you block your calendar!

Meet the Jury

Jan Smets - BPost

Ann Guinée - Beltug

Burt Riské - TrendsTop

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